Dashboard not updating after Sheet changes

Richard Heath
Richard Heath ✭✭✭✭✭✭

For a number of years, our team has been reliant on a PDF Dashboard to issue to our clients.

Recently, we have noticed that after new data is input into a Sheet, the Dashboard no longer reflects these changes automatically.

Our system is programmed to work in the following manner. (A three-step process - INPUT/FORMATTING/OUTPUT

  1. A user makes their changes to a Sheet (called the Payment Register) and selects "YES" in a specific column/row to alert Smartsheet to which set of data needs to be displayed on the Dashboard.
  2. A separate (backend) Sheet collects the specific row of data using INDEX/MATCH formulas and reformats these (called the Payment Certificate Metrics)
  3. The Dashboard (called Payment Certificate) pulls specific cells from the Payment Certificate Metrics Sheet and presents them in a usable, clean format.

In the past, our team would only undertake Step 1 and proceed directly to Step 3 because Step 2 was automated in the background. Today we realized that Step 2 no longer occurs unless a user physically loads the Metric Sheet enabling a refresh to occur. This is not part of our planned Workflow.

Has anyone experienced this, or knows how to fix?