Attachment storage & requesting

  1. Question : can we choose that attachments will be stored somewhere locally : SharePoint , and not in AWS ?
  2. Question : I try to download the attachments Via Api, but Link Expires in 2 min, there is some work around in Power Platform trough API or Smartsheet ?

Don,'t tell me Nice idea, do a proposition! only welcome Answer is Y: (how?) / No(:/)



  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Nice idea. Do an Enhancement Request! (notice I didn't say proposition lol)

    When you choose to attach something to a row in SmartSheet, it gives you several options. I've only personally tried "Upload a File" and "Google Drive". When I've used Google Drive, it leaves the attachment stored on the Google Drive so you're accessing the Drive when you click to view the attachment. If you use the Google Drive option, does your link still expire in 2mins via the API?

  • This only in Smartsheet & not in Smartsheet Dynamic View where the users put their attachments. where I need to personalize to SharePoint. Should Smartsheet propose where the users want to store their documents not automatically in Aws !!