Calendar/Form Integration and Automatic Emails


I work at a university. My team and I help coordinator several Dean's schedules and student meetings. The current process is extremely manual. Ex: Staff member is informed a meeting needs to be scheduled, staff member looks for openings, schedules meeting, sends confirmation email to the student and partner site they are with.

I am looking to create a form that the Dean can complete which would then trigger the staff member to schedule something. Ideally, the staff member would schedule the meeting based off the form and the calendar availability in SmS (or Google). Once scheduled, we would then be looking to having automated emails go to the student and partner site informing them of the meeting.

We do not want to permit students calendar access or create appointment slots since the Dean's calendars change frequently and we are not able to establish consistent dates and time. This would be an internal staff process.

Also, are we able to link several calendars to schedule multiple people at once?

Unsure if this is possible and how it could be built. Any information is appreciated!


  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Yes, this is possible. There will be too many steps to setting this up to list them here. I would suggest completing your SmartSheet training courses. This should be easy to know how to set up with basic SmartSheet training.