Safe sharing issue

Kelly Ospina
Kelly Ospina ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/16/22 in Smartsheet Basics

I just set-up our safe domain list under the safe sharing section in the admin center.

In the documentation, it says this:

"When Approved Domain Sharing is enabled, all workflows which only have recipients outside of the Approved Domain Sharing list will become disabled with an "Invalid Recipients" message. To ensure that workflows don't get disabled, make sure that all recipients of workflow automation are added to Approved Domain Sharing. Alternatively, ensure that there is at least one recipient in every workflow within the Approved Domain Sharing list."

However, it doesn't specify what it means when it says "ensure there is at least one recipient in every workflow within the approved domain sharing list."

We regularly use Smartsheet forms to collect event RSVPs, and then use an automated notification to send the registrant a confirmation. I added another step to the notification to cc myself, since my domain is on the list. But when I ran a test, the notification didn't send to the registrant.

Has anyone else set up a safe sharing list and figured out how to do this?

I'll put a screenshot of my notification workflow below.