Salesforce Connector and Sync Status Function


The sync status for Salesforce Connector automatically pulls rows that are filtered out and puts them under the "Filtered out by Connector" Section. Is it possible to adjust what Smartsheet's does if a row is not syncing? I would like the row to stay where it is and instead do a conditional formatting type option where it will color code and let me know there is an error. We use Smartsheet's for scheduling and if a row gets pulled out because it doesn't sync it can really mess with things. We like to double check to make sure there was no error before taking things off the schedule.

Thank you in advance


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Travis Ryan

    There currently isn't a way to customize how the connector manages rows that do not meet the filter criteria. (See: How to Use "Filtered Out by Connector—Not Synced")

    You can however add Conditional Formatting to those rows, if you'd like. What I would do here is have a helper column that identifies what Parent the row is under (if it has a Parent).

     =PARENT([Column Name]@row)

    Then you can set a formatting rule based on that helper column and if it has "filtered out" in the Parent Name.

    Once you have the rows coloured how you'd like, you could then use a Row Report to organize the rows how you would prefer! Reports don't pull in hierarchy so you could keep the Sort order in your preferred method and the Conditional Formatting will pull through to the Report as well.