Managing Multiple Weekly Update Requests

DennisBConnor ✭✭
edited 01/03/23 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi -

Wondering if anyone here can help. Our IT organization has a master source sheet tracking all the project requests for the team. Requests are made through a Smartsheet form which inserts a row on the master source sheet. As part of the development request, the PMO send out weekly automated update request to each of the stakeholders. In the current process, the update request will overwrite the previous week's updates. Our management has requested that we 'append' the latest updates to the previous updates in the master source sheet. So far, I've had no luck in determining a way around this but by manually copying over the weekly updates into a separate column for retention. We do this every week to ensure that we have history that we can report on. The executives do not want to go into the cell history for the statuses, but rather have the entire history available to them at a glance.

Would anyone have a solution for this?