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9-box talent assessment

I have googled and cannot find any company that has automated the 9-box talent assessment outside of excel. I feel like this is a huge miss as all large corporations do talent reviews and succession planning. What would be really cool is if you had all your HR data in Smartsheet and you could have a visual of each team on a dashboard with each name being in a seperate box based on their scores in the Smartsheet. As the HR team is updating their dynamic views, the visuals would be updated on the dashboard. I think you would have to have a dynamic filter on the dashboard you can set up to filter to one of the columns from the Smartsheet with all the data such as filtering to a supervisor, a director, VP or EVP and those people's direct reports would show up on the 9-box visual in the correct box.

I know there are several versions of 9-box out there, but it would be groundbreaking to come up with an HR solution outside of software where we can set the parameters of the 9-box including what the boxes should be called, what their scores should be etc.

Probably too complicated but for those of us working with HR teams, this is essential, and I'd like to get them out of excel.

Thank you :-)

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  • @MyShell222 Did you ever figure out a solution for this. I'm looking for a solution also. We going to maybe adapt one of the excel templates but I'm going to first see what I can build in Smartsheets. Just curious.

    Veronique Perks, CPHR Candidate

    HR Coordinator | MasterBUILT Hotels Ltd.

    Calgary, AB CANADA