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  • Brendan, I agree with Dan here. While the workaround is appreciated it does not solve our problem. I hope we can come to some sort of resolution in a timely manner.

    Thank you for responding to our feedback.

  • Using smartsheet for less than 5 months, i think there is about 3 major update.

    but i really love the last update. feel light, cheerful feel colours, really kick air****e out of my options.

    i hope u put more feature to forms so that i don't need to update sheets with other apps.

    GREAT JOB smartsheet team.

  • Agree with Susans response and await the opportunity to provide additional feedback. surely there is an obvious answer to this make the system user configurable so you have the option to have what you want or dont want on the screen in your workspace a bit like you do with a internet browser.

    I think as soon as a provider starts to dicate what the customer can or cant do in terms of usability with a piece of software they are straying into dangerous territory, leading to customers exercising their option to walkaway!

  • @Robin Summers Thanks for the feedback. We will look into this issue.

  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Well, add my 2.000 cents to this analysis.

    One of the big shortcomings of modern agile software development. Too short cycles mostly driven by wanting/hating and not by a clear concept of what a 21century UI can do better than older incarnations.

    Ok, beam up to Star Trek and see how different things can be done ;-)

    That said, I am well aware of the need to look beyond my own horizon and to challenge old habits. So I'll see how I and my customers get along and hope for quick obvious improvements.

    Have great week everyone!


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  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    In addition to everything else, the collaborators list box on Sharing screen is much too small - can only see 1 line at a time.

  • Susan Peck
    Susan Peck ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @ker9 - Wow, hadn't noticed that. I'm guessing it's a bug?

  • Prior to this awful new "user experience" that has been thrust upon us I used to be able to see which if my colleuges was online and viewing the same sheet as I am, now that has vanished into the abyss or am i missing something?

  • @Brendan Reed I agree with all the comments & VS give us an option of going back to the old version until this version is fixed up. all these extra space, narrowing the view from side & top is just a waste, the option to click on the left menu panel on top was better then good, looking forward to the Old Version.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Appreciate the response - I mostly have no issues with UI upgrade, and find it pleasant, some of it is learning curve, and maybe some over-padding. I was after #3 on your list, I do hope the column headers reduce dramatically in size.

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W ✭✭✭✭

    I do a lot of vertical split screen when working with two sheets and trying to navigate sheets is impossible this way. Nothing is adjustable and it's making navigation/work more difficult.