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Recurring Tasks - Please.

Jubial ✭✭✭

Please create some kind of button/feature/right-click that will easily turn tasks into recurring ones (like in Asana or Microsoft Project). The amount of workaround hacks needed to get this to work is tiring, and puts off team members who are not as experienced with bullying Smartsheets into doing what they need it to do.

It would be extremely helpful for project plans within the very complex Media Agency industry, as we often have campaigns that have waterfall structure until go-live and then repeatable monthly/weekly tasks up until campaign ends (all included in one single project plan sheet). It would really motivate more agencies to adopt Smartsheets.

It's as easy as just having the start date for a workstream (indented group of tasks under a header) restart on a specified date/timing.

Example: Reporting tasks can only start after go-live (Start Date); however, they can only start on a Monday (Custom Timing Lag) and they repeat weekly until the end of the campaign (ends after the final End Date). It doesn't matter if the tasks are late or not complete, because a report is due every week anyway so it's not contingent on a previous week being marked complete.

Understand it can be done through formulas; however, it causes issues when you have an automated waterfall timeline that is extremely sensitive to delays. A lot of workarounds include having extra columns; however, those columns won't auto-push out if go-live dates change throughout the project unless you play with automations and formulas...and that results in two different start and due date columns that often confuse teams.

Just a thought!

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  • faith ann
    faith ann ✭✭
    edited 01/03/23

    I feel Smartsheet is overthinking the process for "reoccurring tasks." The automation feature is too technical to set-up a reoccurring task. With other platforms, we can just click a box to set up a reoccurring tasks and the new task is automatically generated.

    Is it possible for Smartsheet to simplify the process to set-up a reoccurring task?  

  • KList
    KList ✭✭

    It would be great to see the ability to set a recurring reminder in SmartSheet. Right now you have to create a reminder manually but it would be great if you could select a recurring option and have it set for the 15th of the month or every Wednesday so you do not have manually set these reminders.

  • FrancescaLupu

    My team would make great use of recurring tasks. Basically to have the ability to, once created a task, set a recurrence based on time interval (hours, days, weeks, months, first/last day of the month, quarter (to personalize), etc.). Once reached that date/time, the task line will be duplicated with a new start and due date and the status on New.

  • I agree with the above comments. Recurring / Repeating tasks are very common and I'm surprised that this function is not available in SmartSheets. Not all users are adept at formulas. We're busy enough managing our projects and tasks. I see this is a feature that's been asked since 2018 or so.

  • JL_2024

    I also concur with the above comments, and cannot believe that this is not available as simple functionality. We are currently trialing SmartSheet as an option for our company to take on as our project management tool, but this is a seriously weird feature not to have. I appreciate that there are workarounds, but these are mainly engineered towards the workflows / reminders, rather than presenting the overall project with simple non-consecutive entries in the Gantt chart. At the moment, the lack of this feature is a big negative against SmartSheet from our perspective, and we are much more likely to choose an alternative product as a result. Shame, as much of the rest of SmartSheet is great.

  • Tony Platts

    I genuinely can't believe that the product doesn't already contain this.

    Almost every project I've ever worked on has recurring tasks. Weeky team meetings. Weekly client meetings. Reporting Requirements etc.

    How this wasn't considered a feature is beyond me. Please make this a priority!

  • Tony Platts
    Tony Platts ✭✭
    edited 04/11/24

    Yes please. There's comments elsewhere but this is definitely a needed, and basic, feature or any scheduling tool.