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Primary Columns in Grouped Reports: change label locations and move column

mariahneu ✭✭✭✭

A report must use a sheet’s primary column and the primary column must be in the first report column. Labels for report groups are displayed in the report’s primary column, so if you don’t want to view the primary column in the report, or hide the primary column, then the groups’ labels will be hidden. If you copy the rows to another sheet and perhaps change the primary column in the copied sheet to a column that you want to view in the report then you will also need to make sure that the sheets’ data is synchronized. You will need to manage at least two copies of the same data.

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  • markh10
    markh10 ✭✭

    I downloaded a set of templates from the Solution Center for IT Request Management. It has the 3rd column, "Issue Description" as the Primary Column. The first column "Issue Key" is Column Type "# Auto number."

    How can I do the same? I thought I had to always have the Primary Column as the 1st column?

  • Lee Joramo
    Lee Joramo ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can drag and drop columns to reorder them. The Primary Column is no different.

  • Sara Campbell
    Sara Campbell ✭✭✭✭

    only if you don't group the report - if you use grouping primary column won't move.

  • Constantin Hapau
    • The ability to move columns to the left-hand side of the primary column in a report when grouping or summaries are active.
    • The font colour of a text label in the Gantt timeline to be automatically set to the same font colour as that used in the row in the grid, or the ability to manually change the font colour of the text label.
    • The ability to expand hierarchy to a specific level rather than expanding all levels.

  • Chelsea.McCulley
    Chelsea.McCulley ✭✭✭✭

    Being able to hide the primary column while still displaying groupings would be extremely helpful when reporting on sheets with different primaries. It's sometimes not possible to rearrange sheets to have the same primary column, especially if one is a project plan and has to be the task name but the other sheet is not.

  • Frank Rego
    Frank Rego ✭✭✭

    Tying the Grouping Label to the primary column is restrictive. I have a large sheet that I can't reconfigure at this point, and I don't want the primary column displayed on a particular report where I still want to do grouping. Hoping that his can be fixed soon. Thanks!

  • mbishop
    mbishop ✭✭
    edited 12/14/23

    I agree that tying the group labeling to primary column is restrictive. Because of the primary column restrictions, I very rarely use the primary column as the first one. Right now I have to create and display separate reports for each group on my dashboards just to make sure the columns are in the ordered in the way I want it. Displaying a single report on a dashboard that is appropriately grouped would save me an immense amount of time and reduce complexity.

  • nickwhite

    When grouping data on a report, the primary column becomes locked in the first column position. This becomes a problem when trying to utilize the "Use first column as series labels" option on the Chart Widget in Dashboards.

    I want to group data by week in my report, and have the week appear as the labels on the x-axis of my Chart - however, this is impossible with the data grouped because the primary column is locked in the first position.

    Any suggested workarounds on this would be welcome.