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  • Payroll
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    I am trying to set up a sheet that tracks employee hours for the week and any overtime or stop out allowance, has anyone found the best way to do this? Ideally I'd like to use a web form so each employee can pick up the web form, enter the…
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  • Workspace sharing
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    We are working on an update to workspace sharing and would like to invite you to take this two minute survey.
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  • Need the ability to filter reports based on project status
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    Here is what I need.   I have about 50 projects within a workgroup that I am trying to manage.   I have a report of tasks that are due within the next 5 days.  Took some cluncky work to differentiate tasks vs summary tasks, but it was …
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  • Collaborators and Reports
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    I have a workspace for my team of 10.   3 users are paid licensed users. 7 users are non licensed users   The non licensed are setup as Editor - cannot share   I created a report within the workspace.  One of the non licensed users …
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  • Losing workspace shares
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    I am having a recurrent probem with sharing workspaces with colleagues - it seems that the shares are set up properly, and work for a while (usually about 10 minutes) and then everything reverts back to the previous arrangment.   Any sug…
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  • Individual Sheet Sharing has turned into Entire Workspace Sharing???
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    We use link sharing to share individual sheets with customers and employees. Now the link provides a link to the entire workspace. Is there a reason for this change? Is there a way to still link to an individual sheet?
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  • Not for Profit and Charity users
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    Are there many other not for profit organisations (charities)  using Smartsheet and if so how do you maximise its use for your purposes?
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  • Accessing sheets from several folders of the Home tab?
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    In the Home tab, how can I locate sheets in different folders or workspaces*? For example I would like to be able to access a sheet from any folder "Geographic\USA" and "Pharma\Dermatology" because, say, it is about De…
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  • Web Forms in Workspaces
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    I'm wondering if it's possible to save Web Forms to Workspaces? For instance, we will be starting a Workforce for our agency, and would like certain Web Forms to live there (IT Ticket Requests, etc.).   Is this currently available?    …
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  • Construction Commissioning Tracking?
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    Does anyone out there currently use Smartsheet to record and track Construction Commissioning? I'm looking for ideas/templates, etc to help improve the eficiency of our process which is currently to track Cx in Smartsheet and then export t…
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