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Formula and automatic hyperlink cell back to other sheet


In a sheet, we have a column formula taking a value from another sheet using 'reference another sheet' we would like it to create a hyperlink back to the other sheet where it took the value from.

How this is helpful: we have a vendor portal where our vendors send in their invoices via a form to a sheet, then in one of the columns we have a formula that references another sheet which is our 'PO log sheet', and if the vendor #, the amount & service month are all the same it puts in the PO# that is on the 'PO log sheet' on to the 'vendor portal' sheet. It would be very helpful if we could click the PO# cell that is automatically added from the 'PO log sheet' to the 'Vendor portal sheet' as a hyperlink back to the row in the PO log so we can close out that PO at the same time we are closing out the vendor's invoice. Right now we have to have both sheets open on two different tabs and then search through the 1000 rows of open POs to find the row that is associated with the vendor submitted.

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