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Automatically assign project requestor to the workspace

As of now it is only possible to assign a group of users to the blueprint of whenever a new workspace gets created for a new project. My idea is that there would be a possibility to automatically include the requestor of the project to the workspace, instead of the whole group.

Perhaps it could be as follow:

  1. User requests to provision a new project and includes their name as 'project manager'
  2. intake sheet has a column named 'project manager' in which the name of the requestor is included
  3. you create a group with project managers within your company/department using Smartsheet
  4. the blueprint should then be able to then also assign the workspace to the specific project manager if the project manager is referred to in the column and is included in the group

Of course the above could be more finetuned, but a way of automatically assigning only the requestor to the workspace (next a predefined list of people who always should have access to the workspace) would be very helpful.

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