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Creating groups to sub the lack of creating a workspace within a workspace or a workspace in a folde

Andres Pimentel
Andres Pimentel ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hello all,

As other have posted in different forums it would be great to be able to create a Workspace within a Workspace or a Workspace in a folder in order to be able to organize a lot of projects better. 

What I am thinking about doing now is creating a Workspace for each of the Regions in which a project can be created and then allowing the PM's to create folders for each individual project within that region. The problem there is that you will have multiple users and it can be a pain to have to select them over and over again if you have multiple sheets in a folder.

I would like your opinions on the following. Having one users groups with the internal people that can see all sheets regardless of the workspace, then each PM can create a group for each folder so when sharing a sheet they just add the group instead of selecting one by one each time. Once the project is completed they can delete the group of users in order for it not to be too clogged.

Is there a max number of users allowed?

Thanks in advance for your comments


  • Hi Andresp—

    I don't believe there's a max number of users that can be in a group, or a max number of users that can be shared to a workspace.

    To create groups, your PMs must be Group Admins, which requires them to all to be licensed users in your plan. More on this in our User Types article.

    Take a look at our Managing Groups article as well.

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