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Validate Email Domains

In a form, it would be great to be able to set up a validation that would not allow certain email domains (such as or

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  • Yes, or would only allow certain email domains, such as the one for our workplace! The validation logic setup could offer two fields: "Email Domains to Prohibit", and "Email Domains to Allow" (If the latter is left blank, allow all except those specifically prohibited).

    I have a form that collects Requester Email and there are a couple of reasons it would be really helpful to only allow emails using certain domains (those associated with our business units).

    1) The main domain for our organization is long and prone to typos

    2) We don't want people using their personal email addresses

    3) If the email address they enter is wrong, then they won't receive any of the follow-up emails and confirmation emails that are built into the sheet's workflow.

  • Laura McDonald
    Laura McDonald ✭✭✭✭

    I agree - I have use cases where it would be beneficial if the form could have a validation/rule that would only allow specific type of email addresses, such as validating that only a company email address was used.