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Dynamic View Logic should behave like Conditional Form Logic (aka "live")

Logic in Dynamic Views should work as it does in Forms - changes / info entered while filling out the form results in changes to the form based on established logic. Instead, DV Logic is applied only when a request is loaded or saved.

This is a follow-up to an old discussion on Dynamic View logic behavior (here)


Dynamic Views (all): Any work done on a request in the details panel will not have the appropriate fields be viewable / editable / hidden / required while the user is doing their work. This results in users needing to revisit requests multiple times to ensure all necessary info is added. This wastes time and causes frustration and rework.

Dynamic Views (built on Reports): If the DV workflow involves changing fields also used in Report Filters, saving the work done in DV may result in the request being removed from the DV before all required info is actually entered (because those requirements are triggered by logic). Often, a field isn't required in all cases and so it can't set to "required."

Bottom line: Users reasonably expect to only go into a request once to do all necessary work in a particular workstream. Dynamic View fails to do that.

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We understand the power and appeal of "live" conditional logic. While this isn't on our roadmap right now, it's definitely something we're looking into and are interested in hearing your feedback. Keep upvoting this, and your other favorite ideas, to help us prioritize!



  • Agreed, a must have - Field Logic is basically useless in its current state.

  • Michael Chohrach
    Michael Chohrach ✭✭✭✭✭

    Agreed. We are currently evaluating Dynamic View and this would be a "must have" for us to consider purchasing this premium app.

  • Dynamic view logic is limited and sometimes does not even work. Currently trying to use to allow user to save without filling in required fields based on a NO in a Not ready to release field. But alas, the required field statement does not work. You have to set required up front it appears. And also trying to add logic to remind a user to add an attachment if a certain field is marked yes (checkboxes don't work at all with Dynamic View logic)

    There should be effort to make Dynamic View and forms function the same way except for the method of opening the record and then forms are one time and done, Dynamic Views allow for opening and adding data.

  • Evargas
    Evargas ✭✭

    We just purchased the Dynamic View and I was excited to hear that there was field logic. It wasn’t until I set it up that I realized it is completely useless. What a disappointment. 

  • I'm echoing everyone's thoughts; this premium feature is not getting the attention it needs to help us succeed.

    Smartsheet Team, where are we with this???

  • Chizu Hieida
    Chizu Hieida ✭✭✭✭✭

    100% Agree!

    I would also like Dynamic View section to add additional Heading/Description, Divider would be + Plus!

  • Agree with everyone! We have a very complex form that has lots of logic which makes it impossible for us to incorporate in dynamic view.

  • rosegarretson
    rosegarretson ✭✭✭✭

    There are a lot of comments, and I'm in agreement. DV's only value at this time seems to be that I don't need to share the sheet. The logic is simply not functional enough to even be called logic. Please prioritize this, especially since it's a premium app. Thanks.

  • Pauline J
    Pauline J ✭✭✭✭

    Agree with all -- At the ENGAGE conference Dynamic View seemed to be "more" than it truly is .... We also need to be able to create chart widgets using Dynamic View; if the chart is pulling from a view that uses DV it correctly does not display the chart if one is not in the group -- but instead of a blank white space one sees the broken error -- when it's not really broken. This means a separate dashboard per every group; lots of overhead to keep those going.

    We love Smartsheets and are excited to use the app, but there is definitely some maturation that needs to be done to make DV really useful.

  • PKane
    PKane ✭✭✭✭

    I think that this is absolutely nuts that this ask hasn't been addressed yet - people clearly want it and as many have said, DV is a premium tool that should absolutely have the same basic functionality that all users enjoy in forms -especially for the added price tag that comes w/ DV!

  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Agree - we need this and have since the beginning. I'm going to have to setup a form for people to complete and then send them to the DV if they want to view/update. We should be able to do this directly in the DV. It also needs a Search option.

  • SWAus
    SWAus ✭✭

    First time i just tried using logic on dynamic view today, and i thought the current behavior was an error. 100% this needs to be implemented to make this premium app function correctly.

  • Echoing the sentiment here. I just got full access to Dynamic Views and had hoped it would allow required fields while editing existing lines but it does not seem to work that way.

    Logic to make certain fields read only (even from existing marking outside of Dynamic View) would also be incredibly helpful but some drop down fields don't seem to show up/have logic available for some reason.