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Exporting Sheets & Forms for a deliverable product


**this is cut from a support email thread I've been on for several days.**

Replying to this instead of the previous thread. Backing up my sheet did not have the attachments included as described in the "help" ticket. Please advise on how to make this app work in a proper function to export all information and necessary documents without having to attach several already uploaded attachments via email (which by the way creates emails too long to send without multiple threads). I have never had this much of an issue with any other service I've used and this many additional steps to do basic functions.  *(according to the most recent reply I got, it should've created a zip-folder but it didn't so I will repeat this process in an attempt to see it work)*

 Additionally, the answer to my form question only did a small part. I want to be able to reopen the information as the form itself. I don't want to only view the sheet or the card; which also don't show the entirety of the information submitted. I'd like to export the form as the way it looks but I can't do that either. I can't generate a document from any sheet without creating a fillable PDF which is still an issue and a great waste of time after creating something that can quite literally be a document by itself, filled in by the software--again a relatively basic function across the board.*(I don't understand why this software can't export the form as the form as I have been told by SS tech support-the fillable PDF is the only solution...)*

 I have been urging my company to switch from this for months and I honestly hope at the end of this project I never have to use this again.  *(I'm not deleting this, my sentiment stands)*

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