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Error Notifications for Data Shuttle

I recently starting using Data Shuttle (awesome!) but as a beginner, I made a few changes to column names and it shut down the automated offload. When I went back into Data Shuttle I could see a large red X telling me it wasn't running and the last time it did run. I would really appreciate an email coming to me when the refresh/offload doesn't go as planned. Even better would be a reason code or details in the email telling me what caused it to stop running. i.e. Offload MarTech did not run on May 18 at 11:30 due to column heading XYZ not being found.

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  • Ken Armstrong
    Ken Armstrong ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Amber Grossman I agree 100% I have a lot of shuttles that are triggered by attachments that others provide. If something goes wrong I wont know till i go into data shuttle again which could be days. I have had to adjust my day to include a daily sign in to data shuttle.

    Ken Armstrong

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  • aboere
    aboere ✭✭

    In addition to notifications for failed data shuttles I would also like to receive a notification when it was only partially successful (yellow) as there is then also something I likely need to action.

  • Jack Parry
    Jack Parry ✭✭✭✭

    Data Shuffle Failure Notifications we shouldn't have to go into data shuffle or the sheet to know whether a data shuffle has failed...