Creating an "On-Hold" status for projects in Resource Management?

NickSeier ✭✭
edited 07/05/23 in Resource Management

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out a way to create an "On-Hold" status for projects. These are projects where the client has paid for the work and signed a contract, but our start date is not yet defined.

It would be great to use a Project Type for it. We are using "Tentative" to show projects that are in our sales pipeline, with a definite start date and future resources allocated, but have not yet been signed.

This "On-Hold" project type wouldn't need anyone assigned to it, have a future start date, but is also a confirmed project. Any suggestions on how we approach this kind of thing?

My other thought is to create a custom field for "On hold?" That is a yes/no response, but it would seem that a Project Type/Project State for something that is On Hold would be really useful.