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Portfolio Management: Team member part-time availability on Projects

rshiers ✭✭✭✭

I need the ability to set part-time availability for a team member to specific projects, i.e. working Mon-Wed on Project A and Thu-Fri on Project B.

For each project and each team member you could set working days, that would solve this problem. I have a team member in high demand, between two projects an agreement was made for a 3/2 split for the week.

Both project scheduled in Smartsheet need to me updates continuously to retain the tasks in the agreed working days. If the availability could be set on the project for the team member, the list of tasks could flow without that constant manual intervention - setting non-working days for the project will not work, as other team members are available to work on the project all days in the week.

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  • rshiers
    rshiers ✭✭✭✭

    Furthermore, the actual part-time availability specified in Resource Management for the team members, should be reflected in Smartsheet, so scheduling does not occur on a team members non-working day/s

  • Gmosedale

    Great idea. Very useful given I have this issue currently. Please give serious consideration to this feature update. You should be able to configure a resources individual availability within the scope of a single project