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Cell-level Comments

akrenek ✭✭✭✭

Cell-level comments would be a huge time saver (similar to Excel) and in the Comments feature bar there could be a tab at the top that reads "Cell" next to the "Row," "Sheet," and "All" tabs. Currently, I'm spending a lot of time describing columns and going back and forth on communication to confirm columns and which cells. Right-clicking on a cell and adding a comment would be ideal. Pretty please Smartsheet; with ice cream and a cherry on top! 🍨

Thank you,

Aleya Krenek

Education Service Center Region 13

Grants and Contracts Project Coordinator

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On Radar · Last Updated

Thank you for sharing this idea. While we don't yet have specific plans for cell-level comments, we agree that it is a good idea and are always evaluating how to improve Conversations. We will take this into consideration. Please keep commenting and upvoting this or other ideas - your feedback helps shape our roadmap!