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Give Administrators full vision and access to all sheets

I recently contacted support about this and was amazed to find that what I thought would be a simple function doesn't exist.

We have had staff leave recently and not so recently and have had requests from senior management to look for data that they may have stored in sheets that they may of owned or shared or transferred with someone else prior to leaving. I'm not a big user of Smartsheet, but was amazed to find that there is no way to perform a simple search for all sheets within our organization and be able to access them without them being shared. This is a basic administration function.

I was advised that a Sheet Access Report can be run, but this isn't really the same thing so maybe this can be a feature request?



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  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 09/07/23

    We have an Enterprise Plan and I am an Administrator. We run a sheet access report per user when someone terminates. It can also be run for the entire account. What we cannot see that we absolutely should have access to is any add-on integrations such as WorkAps, DataMesh, Pivot, etc. We can see Dynamic Views through the Transfer icon.

    Visibility for add-on integrations is critical.

    I disagree that Administrators should have access to sheets - there are confidentiality reasons not to give actual access, but you can still see that it exists and who owns it through the Sheet Access reports. Unfortunately, they just removed the ability to see the Owner in a separate column, making it more difficult to manage.

  • Warren jenkins
    edited 09/07/23

    Systems Administrators have full access to everything so why should Smarsheets be considered differently? Anything contained within an organization's systems and licensed applications etc. are the intellectual property of that organization. Therefore, should the CEO request access to it, they are entitled to see it and therefore an administrator should have the ability to be able to search and provide the access, just the same as anything else stored within the system - it's basic systems administration.