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Approval Requests - edit and delete like Update Requests

The Approval Request feature (Approval Requests | Smartsheet Learning Center) is lacking some of the functionality of the Update Request feature (Update Requests | Smartsheet Learning Center).

I want to edit or delete an Approval Request that is pending on the row, the same way I can edit or delete a pending Update Request. Could the approval requests maybe even show up in the same place as the pending update requests?

Context: I have hit an issue where I don't want a user to be able to use some Approval requests that were sent to them by a workflow. If I had used an Update request in the automation, I would have been able to go through the affected rows and delete them. I asked in the community support area if I can do something like that for the approval requests, and there doesn't seem to be a similar solution.

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  • Quinn
    Quinn ✭✭

    I have created a request for approval step in a workflow. For a step like this, we're required to include at least one sheet field in the notification, but the approver cannot update that field as part of the approval step.

    Meanwhile, update request steps do allow recipients to edit specific sheet fields. Is there a way for this update request functionality to be (optionally) available within approval steps?