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  • Monique_Odom_Comcast
    Monique_Odom_Comcast ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Anything having to do with taking a leap of faith.

    If you're like me, then you like to have as much planned out as possible - have every outcome determined and covered. But most times in life, you can't plan for every outcome. There's a lot you can do, but you also have to accept that there's often going to be a little bit of the unknown as well. This can be scary, but it can also be exciting and rewarding.

    Of course, don't go into things blindly, but do some research, listen to your head, your gut, and your heart, and take some risks. Make some changes. Trust yourself. Go on an adventure. Learn from the losses/failures and enjoy the wins. Celebrate life. You never know what you're missing until you try.

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    Monique Odom

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    “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!” – Ms. Frizzle

  • Darla Brown
    Darla Brown Overachievers

    That was a lot of words, Paul! I think you're getting the hang of this!🏆️🥂

    Darla Brown

    What you meditate on, you empower!

    Overachiever - Core Product Certified - Mobilizer - EAP

  • Joe Goetschel
    Joe Goetschel ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I am TERRIFIED of the Ocean!! like to the point where I KNOW that when my toe dips in, all sharks, sting rays, and jellyfish go. "He's here!!"

    My wife thought it would be good for me to go parasailing well... I saw ALL the things from way up.

    Finally, I will now cautiously get in only after looking at the water for some time. Next thing you know I boogie-boarded


    Joe Goetschel | Smartsheet Director

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  • Sherry Fox
    Sherry Fox ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Scare of? Hmmm, Was never scared of roller coasters, I have always been a thrill seeker. So never scared of that, or bungee jumping, or hang gliding, or skydiving. And after I did those things, could not wait to do again. I would say what has always scared me, is being laid off. I have been a contractor (not by choice) since 9/11 (I was with MVCI Corporate then), and we are a one income family. So, when I am not working, there is no income, and that is VERY scary! Now for those of you that have never worked contract jobs, you work for the Recruiter/Staffing company, and the client pays them a commission (ongoing) for as long as you work there. You hope your contract is renewed, and sometimes it is (sigh of relief). But know that the renewal of your contract has NOTHING to do with performance, the need for you, etc. for the most part. For the last 15 years my contract was not renewed after 1-3 years. There was plenty to do, and my bosses and co-workers loved me and were impressed with my results and productivity levels. But it all came down to money, the budget specifically. Contract renewals normally go all the way to the President of the company. This is not because of the nature of your role, it is because your role is a part of the next year's Fiscal Budget. Every year I am scared about this. And finding roles that are permanent are not so easy. Not having my contract renewed and not being to provide for my family, that is what scares me.

    Sherry Fox

    Project Analyst | Core Quality Services (QMS Transformation)


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  • mkoch
    mkoch ✭✭✭✭

    After losing my first wife I was terrified of getting married again. After some great advice from my grandfather who had also been widowed in his lifetime I took the leap and haven't regretted it. His advice you ask, "life's to long to spend it alone, get back out there and find love again."

  • Meg Y
    Meg Y ✭✭✭✭✭

    I was terrified to take the PMP exam. Sitting in the waiting area another tester came out that had just failed. The passing rate for first time takers isn't exactly high. Thankfully I passed on the first attempt.

  • nfatolitis
    nfatolitis ✭✭✭

    Public Speaking - every time - I think I do fairly well, but the anxiety leading up to the start is exhausting. Once it's over, it's over, and I am envious of those that can handle public speaking so effortlessly. I saw somebody else mentioned toast master's and I should look into that.

  • Lauren Dominique
    Lauren Dominique ✭✭✭✭✭

    Singing the National Anthem at a minor league baseball game. After that first time though, I’ve now done it twice more! I feel like a celebrity walking around the ballpark afterwards. Maybe there is a major league game in my future 😉

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  • virgh
    virgh ✭✭✭✭

    In my early 20's a few co-worker friends like to go out line dancing on Fridays after work. I did not know how to dance, and I was terrified, but I wanted to learn and I wanted to participate. Hands shaking, over analysis, tons of practice on my own at home, and after about 6 months of Friday night free lessons at the dance hall, I finally started to clue-in to the basic steps. It was a lot of fun after that. However, when these same friends and I joined a basic tap dance class at the local community recreation center, I was "let go" because I could not keep up with the rest of the class. The steps were different, but at least I wasn't terrified to try it out.

    Virginia C. Hire Damrauer

  • Jervic
    Jervic ✭✭✭
    edited 10/04/23

    The thing that scared me the most was joining my very first Spartan Race! For those who dont know this, Spartan Race is a series of obstacle races of varying difficulty ranging from 3 miles to marathon distances. These races are held in the United States and have been franchised to 30 countries, including Canada, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines and several European countries.

    Im not that active, Im not that fit, and I barely exercise when I signed up on May, by that time I decided to sign-up for a gym membership and do home exercise every other day.

    I joined last July, it was 5km + 21 Obstacles and right now I signed up for November :D 10km + 26 Obstacles!!!

    Jervic Chavez

  • KHetzel
    KHetzel ✭✭✭

    This is going to sound ridiculous (and like I'm bragging) but going on a cruise. I'm scared of water and not a strong swimmer. I get motion sickness on a treadmill. I still have nightmares from Tom Hanks being in the middle of the ocean. I figured if I went I would be sick and miserable the whole time. After 10 years of asking, my hubby finally lured me on an Alaska inner passage cruise. It was so smooth and I just had the best time! Now I beg him to do another cruise. I did get sick when I looked down from our cabin too much and I would get anxious when we were mid-water and couldn't see the shore but it was such an amazing experience and I am truly proud I finally tried it.


  • Living on the edge is always fun, but totally scary.

  • A.J.
    A.J. ✭✭✭✭✭

    In early 2020, after nearly 15 years, I left county-level government work and entered the private sector. Super scary as far as job security, but definitely, IMHO, much more sophistication (and better compensation!)

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