Simple Payment Tracker?

I'm trying to track payments for several homeowners over a period of time. I already have homeowners in individual rows in other workflows and I copy them to a payment tracker, shown above. I'm not sure how to track their payments in a way that makes sense... I started with each column representing a month, so we can fill in what they pay each month and it will subtract from the homeowner balance... but this would require me to have infinite month columns. This would work for a while, but I will run out of columns eventually. I had also thought that I'd have 1 sheet like this per year and I'd create a new sheet each year from a template. But that would require me to re-path my automation to the new sheet each year and copy info from this year's tracker into the next year... that seems too complicated. (I'm also a volunteer, so I'm hoping to create a set up that my "clients" can use on an on-going basis that doesn't require my attention or help after the initial set up).

Has anyone else figured out a simple way to do this in basic smartsheet? I'm clearly not an accountant.