troubleshooting colors in Calendar App

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I have built some good looking roadmaps with the Calendar App. They are integrated within dashboards, really great tool.

I have one issue though; I went through some older posts on the SS Community and I believe this issue was not troubleshot, although raised (ref1, ref2).

My case : in the screenshot "end goal", you can see that I would like to achieve ; the colors of the first 2 columns (defined in Data grouping from tab 3) should match the one in the calendar part (or vice-versa, I don't mind as long as I can decide by myself the color).

I have tried to do so by using my sheet as a source and a report too, with the columns "Phase" and "Status" being as free text and dropdown list (I tried all combinations of options, no chance to get it to work as I expect).

Here is the configuration of the Calendar :

No config done on the tab 4 has any impact on colors, based on my tests.

Does anyone has any idea on how to get these colors match ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance !

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    Hi @florian.zbinden7

    Aha! Thank you for this, I was able to replicate this when the data grouping was done on a column that only had numeric values:

    I adjusted the dropdown column to have text instead of numbers, and now the colours are reflected properly:

    Would you be able to change your numbers to contain text and see if that then helps?