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Option to Send Separate Email Notifications in Update Request Automation

We have several use cases where it would be very helpful to be able to choose whether email notifications are combined or sent separately.

For example, we are sending an Update Request to other departments for what is basically an approval, but they need the ability to edit fields and/or record additional information, not just record an approval/denial. We have this set up as an Update Request automation triggered on another cell in the sheet changing, and the subject/body of the message include specific fields in {{curly brackets}}. We also have selected "Specific Fields" to include with the message.

When multiple lines are triggered at once and the "to" email is the same, there is only one email notification going out with multiple requests in it. The approvers are requesting separate emails but that doesn't seem possible currently according to the help articles I reviewed.

It would be great if all the automations gave you the choice on how you wanted the emails to go- bundled or separate.

Interested if anyone has found a way around this pending an enhancement!


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