Dynamic View Automation or anything that could help me in Smartsheet?

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Hello, I’ve been using Smartsheet for 5 months and have a question about creating personalized views (Dynamic View) for each of our 300+ customers. Each view will have identical columns but different rows of data. We plan to have each customer create a Smartsheet account for individual tracking. Is there a way to automate the creation of these personalized views using a template, and assign them based on the customer’s Smartsheet email, instead of adding them manually one by one?

If not possible through Dynamic View, can anyone suggest any other feature that this could possibly work in Smartsheet as well.



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    Hi @ocanel

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    When you share a Dynamic View, it can be set to reference the current user, which means that you'd only need one config, and then it would show what the client has access to and what you want them to see.

    Another option could be the Premium App, WorkApp, which can be used similarly but is less powerful than Dynamic View, so the correct choice depends on your specifics.

    Make sense?

    I hope that helps!

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