Sheet permissions

When I share a sheet with anyone from my account with editing permissions, they can edit the sheet on the mobile app but not from a computer. Yes, they also have a Pro account and it also shows the proper permissions on the "share" page. I have used Smartsheet at my last job extensively and know the software quite well but I have never had this type of issue in the past. When I open the sheet from my personal Pro account, I have the same issue and I have attached a screenshot of where the sheet claims "View Only". I am accessing this sheet from Windows 11 Home on a desktop and I have tried it in both Edge as well as Chrome.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Ryan McGovern

    When you note that the other collaborators are on a Pro account, are they licensed on the same Pro plan as you, or on a separate Pro plan?

    Pro plans are different than Business or Enterprise as shared collaborators all need to be licensed on the same plan to edit sheets (here's more information: Sharing in the Pro plan)

    If this doesn't explain the issue, can you clarify how the sheet was created and when you started noticing this behaviour? If you created a Copy of the current View-Only sheet, do you still see the same thing?