Upcoming Tableau WDC 3.0: Timeline for Smartsheet Connector Update?

Hello Smartsheet Community,

I am currently facing a challenge with the upcoming deprecation of Web Data Connector (WDC) 2.0, which impacts our integration of Smartsheet with Tableau. We have been using the Smartsheet-provided WDC available here: https://tableau.smartsheet.com/tableau. As I'm looking for guidance on how this change will affect our existing workflows.

I have a few specific questions:

  1. How will the existing Smartsheet-provided WDC function following the deprecation of WDC 2.0?
  2. What steps should we take to transition to WDC 3.0, especially considering our reliance on the Smartsheet WDC 2.0 and a preference for solutions that do not involve ODBC connectivity?
  3. Are there any resources, guides, or best practices particularly suited for users new to Tableau who are navigating this transition?
  4. Most importantly, when is Smartsheet planning to provide a Tableau connector compatible with WDC 3.0?

Any insights, advice, or information about the timeline for the release of an updated connector would be incredibly helpful. I appreciate any support and guidance the community can offer as we prepare to adapt to these changes.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,

Yash Salvekar