Restricted Task Dates in Office Timeline Pro+?

I use Office Timeline Pro+ to create all my corporate project timeline slides by importing source Sheets or Reports. Is there a way to show project timelines restricted by a certain date? For example, I want to show all tasks that are in progress as of 1JAN2024, regardless of the actual start date (e.g., if the start date preceded 1JAN). Or I want to show all tasks through 31DEC2024 only, even if the task completion date is after 31DEC.

I want to avoid creating separate Sheets with "false" start or stop dates just for slide/display purposes. Would appreciate any help!


  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    You use a checkbox field, and filter your report on that field. Something like ACTIVE?

    So a timeline item ("record") shows up if its start date is earlier than the start date of your timeline, and either no end date, or an end date greater than your start date.

    OR if the start date is greater than the start date of your timeline, and either no end date, or an end date greater than your start date.

    It's hard to picture what else you might want without more information. Like - how are you filtering the report? Do you just need to run a timeline of everything that is active right now, when the timeline is created? Or are you trying to show a timeline of what will be active eight months from now?

  • Kristi M
    Kristi M
    edited 02/05/24

    Thanks for your reply; however, your suggestion would filter out tasks that start before or finish after the reporting period, which is not what I need.

    Specifically: I am managing a project that started in 2023 and will complete in 2027. I have a master Sheet with all tasks and deliverables for the entire time period. For my board meeting, I need a slide showing the 3-year horizon from 1/1/2024 through 12/31/2026, including (1) tasks starting in 2023 and ending before 12/31/2026, (2) tasks that start after 1/1/2024 and end after 12/31/2026, and (3) tasks/milestones that start and finish between 1/1/2024 and 12/31/2026.

    Is there a way to structure the sheet (with additional columns?) or create a report to include all tasks/deliverables, but only show their activity during the truncated period? I use dependencies/durations for the dates in my master sheet, so I don't believe I can use a formula to create a column to show the "report date" as "1/1/2024" if the actual date is earlier, etc.