Smartsheet Calendar - Removing Completed Tasks from the View



I have been investigating the capabilities of Smartsheet Calendar and was most interested in how to use it to track multiple projects through a Smartsheet Report. The report I've created pulls from several projects, all containing a "Completed" column with checkboxes to mark status for tasks. In setting up a calendar for this report, I attempted linking this "Completed" column to the "Task Details" and "Symbol" columns in Smartsheet Calendar.

I observed two scenarios when I mark a task as "true" ("Completed" linked to "Task Details") or a checked checkbox ("Completed" linked to "Symbol"):

  1. The completed task disappears from the Calendar view
  2. The completed task stays in the Calendar view, but with "true" noted ("Completed" linked to "Task Details") or a checked checkbox ("Completed" linked to "Symbol") in the task

I've read in this forum that filters can be used to hide completed tasks. But in the above tests, I didn't need to for tasks that disappeared from the Calendar view as per Scenario 1. I am wondering how to adjust the calendar or report such that a user only experiences Scenario 1 when I mark a task as complete. I believe this scenario to be more beneficial to a user and intuitive, rather than needing to create a filter to filter out incomplete or completed tasks.

Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated. Thank you!