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Easier way to identify and transfer Premium App Assets from one user to another for System Admin

Chizu Hieida
Chizu Hieida ✭✭✭✭✭

Currently there is no easy way to identify what premium app assets was created by the user who is leaving the company. (or left the company)
System admin is not able to view assets created by the user for

  • DataMesh
  • Pivot
  • Workapp

System admin can view asset created by user but unable to transfer ownership:

  • Data Shuttle

Some situations, we are not able to work with the user for asset transfer before leaving the company and we need easier way to do these transfers.

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  • Stacy Klemp
    Stacy Klemp ✭✭
    edited 05/17/24

    Could we please please please get an enhancement that would allow for data shuttle ownership transfer? We have many things set up which work WONDERFUL but as we flex, scale and shift who supports an account with data shuttles, the new incoming person supporting has no wahy to access or edit those data shuttles as needs may change.

    PLEASE!! :)