Locked out of account


We currently don't use SSO or manage Smartsheet accounts holistically in our enterprise. All users create accounts using their corporate emails themselves. A user who is no longer with the company has a Smartsheet account which we're trying to gain access to as they're the owner of a workspace.

I’ve went through the rigmarole of reactivating their email account to attempt to send a password reset email from Smartsheet. The password email was never received.

I additionally tried setting up a NEW Smartsheet account using this email and was advised to instead attempt to send a password reset email as the account still exists in the system. The password reset email was still not received.

Engaged Smartsheet Support and their answer was to login to the Admin Center to remove and reinvite the user. I obviously don't have this control so this is not useful.

Would appreciate it if anyone would have suggestions to work around this.

Thank you.