You now have access to Eliminate Legacy Admin Center Phase 1 & 2!


Hi Community, 

We’re excited to announce that “Eliminate Legacy Admin Center Phase 1 & 2” is now generally available.

Phase 1: Previously, SysAdmins found themselves navigating through multiple locations to manage policies and Admin Settings. We identified 12 redundant policies and settings that existed in both the Legacy Admin Center and Admin Center. As an initial step toward our long-term goal of fully phasing out the Legacy Admin Center, we removed the following redundant elements from the Legacy Admin Center:

  • User Management
  • License Request Management
  • Group Management
  • Login History
  • Account Settings - Images in Grid
  • Account Settings - Web Content Widget
  • Account Settings - Publish Options
  • Account Settings - File Attachment
  • Account Settings - Automation Permissions
  • Account Settings - Account Discovery
  • Security Controls - Group Membership
  • Security Controls - Domains

Phase 2: Additionally, we added 3 new policies in the Admin Center and removed them from the legacy experience:

  • Plan Level SSO
  • Directory Integration
  • Profile Visibility

You can now exclusively find these policies and settings in the Admin Center. In the future, we’ll migrate more policies away from the legacy Admin Center experience and eventually deprecate it (not a part of this release).

This change is available for SysAdmins in Business and above plans in the Commercial US and Commercial EU environment.

Learn more about the Smartsheet Admin Center.

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Lekshmi Unnithan

Senior Product Marketing Manager