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Project Management

davidharley ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi, we currently have a few web forms, that allow clients to request quotes. These then populate fields on a smartsheet as normal. We have two challenges that I'd like to implement but can't seem to get it right.


We would like to give the client more visibility on the status of the opportunities, but for various reasons, do not want to share the working sheet. 


We are struggling to keep up to date on the various opportunities as the makeup of this smartsheet doesn't give us enough information or have the correct fields.


Is it possible to have the information on one sheet mirror with a second sheet? We can then give the client access to that sheet, but restrict what info is mirrored

From a project perspective, we would like the original information to populate as it does, but then each line to start a new smart sheet as well. With this new sheet having various lines linked to the master sheet, but also have additional fields that are 'in-house'?


Any ideas?



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