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Feature Request - Ability to Email locked fields in the auto-response


We are attempting to use Smartsheet to aggregate some of our quality data. Users score customer interactions and will utilize a web form to populate a Smartsheet. The sheet contains formulas that calculate the actual scores (in a few categories). We need a way to get the results to the evaluator relatively quickly so they can share the score and use the output for coaching the rep.


I have enabled the "email confirmation" and as long as I include the fields with the formulas in the form, the user will get a copy of all their entries AND the calculated score. However, that means I have to include a field in the form that I really don't want them to fill in. 


In a perfect world, there would be an option to include locked fields in the email confirmation.


Alternatively, if there was a way to format a report to look more like the email confirmation, we could bundle those up and send those reports out daily.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Have you used Zapier before? Zapier is an online service which utilizes applications APIs to perform automated actions. You could create a ‘Zap’ which will can email the user who submitted a form and can include any field you want from the sheet (even if it wasn’t included in web form). When setting this up, rather than having a “send me a copy of my response” field, add a field where users can add their email address then use this field in Zapier as the email address to send the email to. 


    Check out https://zapier.com for more information.

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