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dana y
dana y
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I am hoping someone can see what i am missing here :)  attempting to try out status view ..

We would like each part of our group have a different status view in order to see only what pertains to them .  and a place for them to fill out a request form.

I created a status view - see image 1 ... and i have already added two requests through this view .. however i am not seeing them once they are submitted.  I know they are working because the test subjects are showing up on my main sheet.

and as you can see from image 1  .. my set up does not look like i had assumed it would from going through the tutorial .. see image 2.

anyone have any thoughts on what i am doing wrong?

any and all help is appreciated thanks much!



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  • Isaac Benton
    Isaac Benton Employee Admin

    This is often caused by the Form not requiring a login to make a submission. In 'Form Options'>'Accessible by,' make sure to set this to 'a registered Smartsheet user.' If it's set to 'anyone with the link' then it could be that your Status View submissions are being created by [email protected] rather than your email address.

    Status View should be showing you rows where your name appears in the column (on the sheet) that is mapped to the "Name or Email" option in the Status View configuration wizard.

  • Thanks Isaac,


    so am i understanding correctly; that status-view cannot be used by people that do not have a smartsheet account?  

    during the training i thought i saw that anyone can use status-view and only see their permitted information?  they would be putting a contact email though ... just may not be full fledged smartsheet users? 

    i think i am confused :) 




  • also .. out of curiosity .. can the form user upload an attachment to the status view?  i attempted to as a test and was unsuccessful .. 

    not sure if i am doing it wrong or not :) 



  • Isaac Benton
    Isaac Benton Employee Admin

    Status View recognizes a user’s identity based on their Smartsheet login credentials or email address. It uses their identity to only display information assigned to them. Status View administrators choose which column Status View uses to determine what user a row is assigned to. So a user will have to a have a Smartsheet username and password set; they can be free collaborators.

    A form user would be able to submit their request with an attachment, so long as the attachment field is made available in the form.

  • Jennifer Greenough
    Jennifer Greenough Overachievers Alumni

    I'm creating a new Status View and cannot figure out whey the "User Field" in the configuration is not providing a drop down menu. The underlying form requires a Smartsheet log in and there are columns that include contact lists. I have not had this issue with other Status Updates I have created. Any ideas?

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