Sharing a Folder

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i have a workspace with 3 differen Folders. Is it possible to share each folder with differen people instead of settin all sharers at sheet level?



  • Not that I know of.  The sharing settings can be defined at the workspace and/or at the sheet/report level.  As an alternative to using folders, you could create separate workspaces.  This depending on your setup would enable you to avoid the use of folders and simplify access for your users, as well as admin for yourself.  One way I have done this is to use the same names for the workspace, with a slightly different prefix. For example "Workspace Team 1A, Workspace Team 1B, Workspace Team 1C".  That will enable them to be grouped together in the view so that users (and admins) can easily find them.  To further simplify workspace access, you can create user groups with the relevant names and permission levels.

  • Shanett Cole
    Shanett Cole ✭✭✭✭

    We have been asking for a long time now, still waiting 

    Not sure how this is not a priority.... If I handle 1 Customer, but they have several projects, I do not want to create several Workspaces for each project.  I want to create 1 Workspaces and several Project folders - and give access to the Folder level