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Anyone know how to make dashboard widget of a gantt chart only show today and forward?  It displays correctly in the Report Builder as there is an option in Settings > Timeline Display to check the box "Open to today's date".  Can't figure out why it won't do this in Dashboard widget.  You can scroll to today and it prints accurately, but it does not default to today when opening dashboard.


  • Shaine Greenwood


    Dashboards currently can't open the Gantt timeline of a report widget to today's date. At this time, you'll need to manually scroll to the current day when looking at the report widget.

    Otherwise, you might consider changing the When criteria of your report to only pull in rows in a certain date range.

    This should narrow what is visible in the report widget so that you don't have to scroll as much.

  • Bryan Sampson

    Actually, you can accomplish this by adding a new Column (I named it Today) which has to be a Date column. Then, create the =TODAY() formula in the top most cell, and then drag that cells contents all the way to the bottom of your SmartSheet. Then create a report where the When is looking at the newly created Column (I named it Today) and the Finish date. To simplify the report, the Today column should display when the data Is A Date which is an actual selection

    This should show only the tasks from today with a finish date in the future. You can fine tune this by modifying the Finish date criteria. For instance, if you only want to see Tasks that have a Finish date in the next 60 days, the When in the Report builder would show Today: is a Date and Finish: Is In the Next 60 days.

    I have attached a screen shot showing what I did in the Report Builder app.

    I hope this helps

    Report from Today forward.jpg

  • dwestera

    How is this reflected in the Widget? I can't get it to start on todays date.

  • Following this thread. I have this issue as well

  • rmotani

    I would also like to request this functionality (i.e. open Gantt chart to today's date or a pre-determined date without manual scrolling)

  • Clive Cooper

    Thanks Bryan this concept really helped,

    I'm not sure I got how to use the 'when' part right as bringing the today column as the start date for the report gantt all my time lines where starting today 

    I  extended your Today formula to

    =IF(Start1 > TODAY(), Start1, TODAY()) 

    which worked so all my report gants now show form today going forward


  • parmenakis

    I'd just like to bump this issue and add myself as another person who wishes this would work.  Pretty silly that you can have it snap to today's date for everything else, but when making a dashboard for my VP to keep an eye on, I have to have him keep scrolling.

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  • Jamielepard

    @Clive it looks like you've got this sorted. I tried your formula and @Bryans method. Sadly, I cant seem to get either to work.

    Could either of you help me with the logic on the added column? Thanks very much indeed.