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VLOOKUP Function



  • Stephan Lafrance
    edited 07/21/16

    For these referencial functions, I won't say that they have no value if they work on the same sheet. But the approach is definitely not as beneficial as when they reference a different sheet. Please add my vote for cross-sheet referencial functions like vlookup, hlookup and match.

  • I just want to ask for clarification on something here... There are links for out-of-price Azuqua in this discussion, specifically one from Kara on July 12, 2016 at 9:28am (time zone???). Is the development for the new engine in Azuqua or in SmartSheet? It seems like Azuqua has that functionality already, but that product is advertised so much, I lose track of what is SmartSheet and what is Azuqua.

  • Hi Stephanie,

    Definately did not want to cause any confusion with my Azuqua comments, so please accept my apologies.

    Azuqua is a software application that integrates with Smartsheet, but is purchased separately. It basically connects different software applications (Smartsheet or otherwise) together to enable results that may not otherwise be easily possible. 


    What the Smartsheet team is working on are updates to our formulas, which will be released in the near term.

    The release will include some new formula functionalities, including a Lookup function that references the same sheet. As we continue to add on to our formulas, eventually we will be able to release a Lookup type of functionality that could reference other sheets.


    Does that help? Happy to chat with you offline.


  • Please add my vote, as well.  Thanks, in advance!

  • Hi Everyone,


    Just wanted to let you know that my company Azuqua has a connector to create dynamic lookup and automated copy-paste for Smartsheet. 


    With Azuqua + Smartsheet you can automate lookup of data from one or many sheets and copy-paste the located data to the desired locations.


    In Smartsheet, when a user makes an update, Azuqua can automatically use the data from that row to locate matches to that data in one or multiple different sheets. If a match is found Azuqua can copy-paste that data back into the sheet where the update occurred. User initiated tasks can be, but are not limited to the following:


    • - New Row added to a sheet
    • - Status changes from a dropdown list
    • - Values changes to any cell of a row


    See it in action here:


    Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Jon P Farmer
    edited 08/01/16

    Please can we keep the adverts for the very expensive Azuqua off this thread thank you.


    What we are asking for is a solution within Smartsheet - there are plenty of solutions we can pay for.

  • Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that LOOKUP formulas can now be used in Smartsheet, as long as the lookup table is on the same sheet as the LOOKUP function. We are working to make this function work across separate sheets, however this will not be available until a future update. You can find out more about using all of the new functions in this release in our Help Center.

  • kh
    edited 08/26/16

    Please add my vote for VLOOKUP, there's a lot of bang for the buck with this feature.

  • Yoann
    edited 09/20/16

    Hi Kennedy,


    Thanks for having released LOOKUP function ! Can you precise whether the LOOKUP function working across separate sheets should be in the next release or it's on your long-term plans ? The roadmap does not give any signal the feature will be available soon

  • Spencer Marlow
    edited 09/23/16

    Please add my vote for VLOOKUP and MATCH - thanks !!


    Any updates on timescales for the Formula Engine (sounds exciting!)

  • About formula I think it should great once SS embrace same ones in Excel.


  • Same question as Jay Bautista: Any timeline for the cross-sheet LOOKUP?

  • Marzio Locatelli
    edited 11/01/16

    I'm interested in the cross sheet solution too. It'll make a lot of things easier for me

  • Kennedy,

    Will the update/system improvements being done this weekend include the LOOKUP function across sheets? 


    Thank you! 

  • Hi Everyone—our Product team is still hard at work on creating a cross-sheet formula solution, which will apply to LOOKUP as well as other functions.


    There isn't a timeframe for when this will be implemented in the application, but our Product team is definitely aware of the demand for this functionality.

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