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VLOOKUP Function



  • Rob Hagan
    Rob Hagan ✭✭✭

    If VLOOKUP is on the list, then I vote for HLOOKUP as well. From my understanding, if you start your design with both functions in view you can implement both for just a tad more than the cost of implementing only one.


    To my mind, there are certainly instances where an HLOOKUP is appropriate.


    For example, charge out rates for staff. The staff IDs go down the sheet, the dates at which any change has occured go across the sheet and the applicable charge out rate goes into the body of that matrix. The lookup is then something like (and this is the Excel equivalent taken from our operational environment): INDEX(StaffMemberCostRatesTable,MATCH(K2,StaffMemberCostRatesTableName,0),MATCH(HLOOKUP(J2,StaffMemberCostRatesTableHeadings,1,TRUE),StaffMemberCostRatesTableHeadings,0)) where K2 is the staff ID, J2 is the transaction date, the StaffMemberCostRatesTable is a range over the whole table, the StaffMemberCostRatesTableName is a range over just the staff IDs, and the StaffMemberCostRatesTableHeadings is a range over the dates (as headings across the top of the table).


    Of course, you could transpose your data and use VLOOKUP. It all depends whether there are many staff with only a few rate change events or just a few staff with many rate change event.


    The principle is to have a set of sharp tools to hand, I reckon.





    Melbourne, Australia

  • Hi Rob,


    Thanks for your input. I've passed your feedback for HLOOKUP along to our Product team for further review.

  • Any news about the cross-sheet LOOKUP with any possible further enchancements (VLOOKUP / HLOOKUP) would be very welcome :)


    We're waiting for the function too.





  • Any update on timeframe?  We've been waiting for over a year for this feature.  The need is loud and clear.  Other tools i'm exploring already have this functionality and the use case is compelling to switch.  


    I like smartsheet for what it does but the very limited ability to manage relational data and re-use data within formulas accross sheets is a big setback that cannot be overlooked forever.  My organization has these needs right now.  We can't wait another year and we can't grow on the Smartsheet platform without it.  Please update on timeline.  

  • Helena Mungo
    edited 01/27/17



    When will your version of vlookup be available? This is a huge detriment to the functionality of your product. A gaping hole. It has been over a year since the discussion began, and this is still not a function? How is that possible. How much longer do we have to wait?


    Is there any workaround for bringing real time data from one sheet to another? Even GDocs has this function and they are way worse than smartsheet. 


    Update please!



  • Christopher Flett
    edited 01/31/17

    Do you have any updates on VLOOKUP from a separate sheet?

  • Hi All—


    As you know, we don't have a way to reference other sheets in formulas (including in the LOOKUP formula) but I've got your votes down for this, as well as specific VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions.


    We don't have a timeframe for when we'd see these features in the application.

  • So, are you saying that this has not, and is not, being worked on? Is there is way to know what is currently being worked on, if only to feed our appetite for hopeful enhancements?

  • Is there a way to know where it stands in terms of votes given for this vs. what is currently being worked on? 


    How many votes away are we from having this be something that is concidered for an enhancement? 


    Should I have everyone at my company come to this thread and upvote? Would that make a difference?

  • Christopher Flett
    edited 01/31/17

    Please include my vote for VLOOKUP.   This is an important need for my company.

  • Brad Jones
    Brad Jones ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 02/01/17

    @ Stephanie & Helena

    Smartsheet decommissioned their roadmap for competetive security reasons.   I too was upset that it disappeared, but I can understand that one would not want to advertise to your competitors your developnent pipeline.


    I once fought for a visible chart of feature request votes and even for a list of known bugs, but having this kind of information visible to all can have distinct disadvantages for a company in such a competitive environment as it is free market data for other companies to see what users want.


    I want the information too, but alas this is life.  I've seen some pretty nice things come along in just ten months of using the platform, and they really are focused on continuous improvement.  They just have to be practical.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well said Brad.



  • Brad, I know I should not say that in here since it is not related to business, but you should be a writer.. very eloquently said.

  • Hi there


    So we too were eagerly chasing up inter sheet v-lookup capability and according to our account manager - Kevin Ahearn - it is a year plus away.   Thought I'd update you guys in case you were too were waiting on it like us.   Here's his response, "Regarding the LOOKUP formula in the native application, that is still on our product roadmap however unlikely to be released within the next year plus. If you'd like to leverage the LOOKUP functionality now, you can add the Data Mesh add-on to your app. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns."

  • Thanks for the udpate Sandi,


    Anyone got an example of a Data Mesh add-on?   is Kevin referring to something like Zapier/Azuqua?



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