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how to get an URL to the latest version of an attachment?

kefir ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I have attachments in my workspace and need to be able to email an URL to an attachment to people. I can do it via the Send Attachment feature (I wish I could get it derectly from a right click menu by the way).

That URL is unique to a particular document version however.  How do I get a URL that will take me to the latest/current document version? I do hope it is possible, otherwise my users will be reviewing old / superseeded document versions!




  • I think you are correct, the URL is unique to each document, and I the URL is only good for 30 days.


    I am not sure exactly what your business process is, or how many people you are sending attachments to, or how many rows of attachments you have, however you may have a couple different options to share the most current information:

    1.  If you aren't concerned what people see, you could publish the sheet in a "Read Only-Full" mode then they would certainly have access to the most up to date attachments and information.  Then they would have a link to your sheet which they cannot change, and the URL is fixed.


    2. If you are concerned about what people see, you could create a report, or a series of filtered reports that you publish as read only, and then share that URL.


    Probably not much help with exactly what you want, but you might beable to make something work.  Good luck.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 10/08/15

    You can email attachments by right clicking on the attachment and selecting Send Selected Attachment. If there are multiple versions of a file, the newest will be sent. You can also right click on the attachment and select Version History to see and send any past versions.  


    Each URL will be unique - there isnt a way to generate a URL that will ALWAYS link to the lastest version.

  • kefir
    kefir ✭✭
    edited 10/08/15

    Hi Travis,

    Well, that is my point. A URL to a version has its purpose, but in a typical review scenario a URL to the current/latest version is needed. Just imagine sending a link to a document with a request to review to 10 people? The URL takes you straight to a document, so a reviewer won't even know that there may be a more recent document version. It is a nightmare to manage it later! It is basic IM 101 in content management systems, and SmartSheet with attachments and versioning seem to want to be in that space. 

    So I propose adding a right click / context menu option to retrieve the URL to the 

    1) given version

    2) later/latest verion


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    I understand and I will submit your feedback to our product team! 


    Thanks kefir!



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