Planned dates and actual visible on Gantt chart

Will Summers
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I'm expecting my next project to be subject to a lot of external influences and dependencies. When faced with this challenge I like to show the original plan and the actual / newly forecast start and end dates to report upwards effectively and discuss the any slip.

So in effect each activity has an "originally planned" pair of dates and an "actual" pair of dates. I have added the "originally planned" date columns to my plan and was wondering whether it is possible to represent these on the Gantt view. The dependencies would only need to apply / be maintained against the actual dates.

Initially the two sets of dates would be the same but as slip is incurred the Gannt would provide a visual representation of the original plan vs achieved timelines.

I do not want to achieve this through duplicating tasks across two rows as this will make the plan too cumbersome to manage and use with stakeholders.