Copying rows w/ checkmarked cell to different sheet

AliKhan ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I am trying to find a way to link rows between sheets, but the 2nd sheet should only show the rows from the 1st sheet with a checkmark in one of the columns. 

Sheet 1: list of skus with descriptions and details. One column has a checkmark for the critical skus

Sheet 2: auto copy (i.e. link) only specific columns for the critical skus from sheet 1. Sheet 2 will have additional columns that need to be added for these critical skus. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


  • Bryan Sampson

    On the second sheet, are you needing to do any manipulation of the data? i.e. create formulas for tabulation.

    If not, and the second sheet is only for displaying the specified information you can use a Report to accomplish this.