Feature request: Hashtags to create automatic reports

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


So, the story is: Our team is using a Smartsheet workspace to coordinate the production and deployment of assets of an entire Content and Marketing department.

We have created sheets for each type of process/asset (Social Media, Video, Print, Web, Email Marketing, etc), automated formatting in all sheets according to stages and deadlines, individual task sheets for each member of staff, team Dashboards and individual dashboards.

So far we're pretty satisfied with the setup, but there are a couple of features missing, and the most important one for us is: the ability to create hashtags on sheets.

Our idea is that...

  • the hashtags would have the choice to be defined on a workspace level to avoid different ways of spelling the same work and/or the same project
  • The hashtags would be placed on sheet rows
  • the hashtags would be a link to an automatically created report consolidating all the rows in a certain workspace
  • The hashtag reports could be embedded on dashboards
  • When typing a hashtag on a sheet, the Smartsheet would automatically suggest existing hashtags (regex).

Any more contributions?

We currently work around it by having a Reference / ID column in all sheets, but with a high volume of rows, it's incredibly hard to police naming consistency, which makes work coordination incredibly hard.

Other team/project management providers offer this feature and we think it's very valuable.