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edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

When your business starts to build lots of sheets (as we have) the issue of data integrity comes into play. That is if you have lots sheets with names, or activities you can now put them into one sheet and reference to them BUT whenever you build a form and want to restrict the user selection to the defaults in the drop down list, these have to be are entered at the column level and cannot reference your master reference.

Tell me if I am wrong!. This needs to be resolved to ensure there is not madness in updating multiple  forms selections manually across multiple sheets.....

Then IF you could actually refer to a column(s) of master data in a form AND you could then reference an EXISTING row to perform an update on it (from a FORM or a update request) we would be in a great place.

Any ideas out there, is this on the never never enhancement list ?



  • Shaine Greenwood


    You're correct in that Smartsheet doesn't have a concept of a "master dropdown list" or "master column settings" type of feature by default.

    If you're looking for that form of control over your implementation, I'd recommend checking out our Control Center premium app. This app gives you the ability to deploy at scale:

  • k.mcnamara23941

    I looked at control center link and it doesnt say much. Can it do what I am requesting or is this just an upsell.

    I have used lots of form apps, having drop down lists data external to the form is a common feature.

    All you need is to define a range (which you can do already) and associate it to the form.