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How to show time delays on a Gantt Chart?

JP Lamouric
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

We are a construction company using Smartsheet to follow the progress of the construction on site.

Sometimes delays occur due to weather, power, etc.. but not all trades are affected.


We need to be able to visually show to the clients (via a Gantt Chart) the reason (weather, power,etc..), the length of time (Start Date, End Date) and witch trades are affected by such delays.

I played a bit with the formula NETWORKDAYS but I have to admit, I am new to the program and I was not very succesful.

Any ideas?




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If you use dependencies(which I recomend) you can add Lag to them when thees things happen, Add a column called Delay reason to add a short comment and then have the Gantt chart show that as a label on the chart.




  • HCCM1

    ^That's not the solution. That will merely "push" the scheduled time block down the calendar.  We need to notate the time block as it was originally designed and on the same row notate when it actually happened.  Tracking each step as it's own.  

    Not creating a delay amount or a separate parallel Gantt that can be viewed below the original.  This should not be that hard to do with a powerful program like this.  

    We currently fill boxes representing days in excel in green if the Baseline schedule was met and red if it was not.  Baseline days noted by an "X" in the box. Re-scheduled days added as an "R" in the box. Pretty simple.  A quick visual reference for what was originally scheduled, if you did that or not, and if not, when it actually did happen.  

    It just becomes absurdly laborious when you have to shift dates so the predecessor function is extremely valuable.  Just incomplete without being able to quickly and visually reference the differences between planned (baseline) and actual outcomes. 

  • Ashwin

    +1. We are a construction company encountering this too. We are currently adding the lag, but now our project planners have to go into cell history of each row to see what the original date was.

  • Veda J
    Veda J ✭✭

    Hi Smartsheet Team,

    Please advise when can we expect better features to depict delays in a task in Smartsheet Gantt charts. The current standard features with added conditional formatting does not seem to be a good solution. An automatic feature depicting delays in a task based on initial start and finish dates input showing impact on following tasks will be a great feature to clearly portray the hindrance in each stage/task for follow-up actions. This feature is definitely not pretty much to ask from an application such as yours. Please advise actions and share your road map plan for developing this feature.

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