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Hi everyone, 

does anyone have any experience with resource management of people with different availability in a week? As far as I understand, Smartsheet is taking 8hours a day for each resource into consideration. 

Thanks for any help.



  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee

    Hello Pavla,

    Thanks for your post! It sounds like you're looking for a way to manage resources who have varying availability. Currently, schedules are managed at the sheet level in the project settings, so it isn't possible to assign schedules or availability to specific resources. I've let the product team know about your request and they will consider it for potential future development. You can also submit a Product Enhancement Request using the Quick Link to the right (Submit Product Enhancement Request)

    Note: Smartsheet takes 8-hour workdays into consideration by default, but you can change this by right clicking the column headers to select "Edit Project Settings." From the Project Settings, select Working Days > Edit where you'll be able to define the working days, length of day, and holidays. If you change the Length of Day to a different value, this is the value that will be used for duration and allocation (Define Working Days, Non-working Days, and Holidays on a Project)

    Tip: If you want to view allocation in hours rather than percentages, insert a Text/Number column called "Hours" and enter the formula =Duration@row * 8 * [% Allocation]@row(Create Efficient Formulas with @cell and @row). This formula will calculate the number of hours per task based on the % Allocation and Duration. Note that if you change the Length of Day in the Project Settings, you'll want to amend the 8 in this formula to match the length of day you specify (Formula Basics)

    One way to workaround the inability to set schedules and availability for specific resources would be to create a "Part Time Resource Allocation" sheet. In this sheet, you'll insert a row for each Part Time resource, enter the Start Date and End Date at the earliest and latest dates possible, then enter a % Allocation representing the percent of the 8-hour workday that they're unavailable. For example, if a resource only works 6 hours out of the 8 hour workday, enter their % Allocation on this sheet as 25%.

    • With this strategy, you'll be able to visualize part time resources in Resource Management across all projects because they'll automatically be "Allocated" the time that they're unavailable
    • Note that this works best if all projects use the same Length of Day.
    • You can also use this sheet to track time off. If somebody uses Paid Time Off or is unavailable for work, add a row to this sheet using the Start and End date of their time off to visualize their time off in Resource Management.

    Additional information about these features can be found here:

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,

    Isaac J

    Smartsheet Support