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How to use a range of numbers in a formula

Zoran Grbic
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Hi SmartUsers,


I have a formula to show bars according to the completion % of a cell. The formula is:


=IF(Completed?9 = 1, "Full", IF([% Complete]9 = 0.25, "Quarter", IF([% Complete]9 = 0.5, "Half", IF([% Complete]9 = 0.75, "Three Quarter", IF([% Complete]9 = 1, "Full", "Empty")))))


It'll show 1 bar if a task is 25%, 2 bars if 50% done, etc. However, 20% will show no bars at all; obviously.


Best thing I came up with is to try and trap all possible iterations but the nested IF statements would even scare Linus Torvalds away.


Question: Is there a way to use a range to test again? Something like, if cell is between 0 and 25% show quarter full, if 25% to 50% then show half full, etc.?


Solution is probably amazingly obvious but I can’t figure it out…


Thank you all in advance!



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 12/04/15

    Hi Zoran! 


    You are close! It is possible to use < and > in formulas which will get you the results you are looking for. Try this:


    =IF(Completed?9 = 1, "Full", IF([% Complete]9 < 0.25, "Empty", IF([% Complete]9 < 0.5, "Quarter", IF([% Complete]9 < 0.75, "Half", IF([% Complete]9 < 1, "Three Quarter", IF([% Complete]9 = 1, "Full", "Empty"))))))


    0%-24% = Empty

    25%-49% = Quarter

    50%-74% = Half

    75%-99% = Three Quarter

    100% = Full

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